SQUARE 2.1 is

Tall Tales Company invites you to the first virtual circus performance delivered as an interactive home experience. 

Three jugglers, a visual artist and a warm poetic voice will take you on a tour of your own home. Guided from space to space, reminiscing on the beautiful memories you find there, this magical experience will leave you seeing your home in a completely new light.

Square 2.1 is a new version of the performance Square Two, which we had planned to tour internationally in 2020. The project is the result of two years of research by visual artist Don Satijn and the jugglers of Tall Tales Company, gathered together in a series of short, enchanting scenes that take inspiration from the patterns of nature and our daily lives.

For an optimal experience you will need:

Square 2.1 is suitable for everyone age 8 and above. A ticket gives you access to the performance for 72 hours.

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€ 14

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