Square 2.1

Square 2.1 is a virtual circus performance, a home experience combining theatre, visual art, poetry and circus. 

Three jugglers, a visual artist and a warm poetic voice will take you on a tour of your own home. Guided from space to space, reminiscing on the beautiful memories you find there, this magical experience will leave you seeing your home in a completely new light.

You don’t need much to experience Square 2.1. If you have a strong internet connection, headphones, a mobile device (tablet, laptop or phone) and a ticket, you’re ready for the digital home experience.

Why Square 2.1?

Coming back from a residency in England for the creation of our live performance Square Two, we arrived to find empty supermarkets. Within the space of a week, the premiere of our show at Circusstad Festival and our entire international tour were both cancelled.

Having recovered from the initial shock of an empty calendar, we decided to use the crisis as a way to create something new. “When our audience is locked in their houses,” we thought, “we’ll have to come to them instead of them to us.” 

Tall Tales Company

Based in Rotterdam, Tall Tales Company create theatrical performances in which juggling, magic and acrobatics are used to tell stories.

The company was created in 2013 by Maartje Bonarius and Harm van der Laan to introduce the Netherlands and the world to circus as an art form.

Square 2.1 is their first online circus performance. 

Press kit

You can also download a press kit with pictures and extra information.  

Contact for press and communication

HH Producties
Tanja Ruiter
+31 (0)20 408 25 04

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